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It's all stay calm.

Be Healthy and Fuck Everyone.
I had to become a Vampire to find the right woman.
I shouldn't be the superhero's girlfriend,
I should be the superhero.
No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we’ll start with forever.
Everyone wants to know about the gold ring.
Everyone knows already - it’s ridiculous.

"It’s [the honeymoon] gonna be as real as anyone else’s."

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Kristen Stewart + Cover Magazines

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I try to not let it have an affect on me and to preserve my real life. People think they know everything about me. But fuck, who knows the truth? No one.

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Kristen Stewart, Oscars (2010)

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Robert Pattinson, Tom Sturridge, and Sam Bradley in NYC - August 27th, 2014 + 

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New Still Alice stills (x) (x)

New Still Alice stills (x) (x)

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Kristen Stewart for Vanity Fair France

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